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Free Internet Advertising

When you advertise your website, do you take advantage of FREE Internet Advertising?

Okay, we all know in today’s online world of advertisements, right?  Here are several ways you can use internet advertising to advertise your business and a lot of them are free!

Examples Of Free Internet Advertising

1.  Social Media is probably one of the most popular ways to advertise and get free targeted traffic to your website.  There are new sites coming online every day that are dedicated to social media.  Of course some of the most known are Facebook, Twitter and Digg.

Using social media is free.  You can send a link to all of your followers or friends anytime you want.  It’s a good rule of thumb not to consistently send your links or “spam” them.  Too many sales posts will make you come across as a spammer.  You should mix in some interesting comments and any good content that your might find beneficial to your readers.

2. Using Adboards is one way you can advertise and get free internet advertising that drives targeted traffic to your business or website.  It is a fantastic way to get free internet advertising.  With Adboards, you can put your advertisement in front of many prospective people and you can even own your own Adboards which will allow you to control where you place your specific advertisements.

3. Using Traffic Exchanges is another way to get free internet advertising and targeted website traffic.  With Traffic Exchanges you can get free internet advertising and get your business in front of a lot of potential customers.  This is probably one of the most popular ways for most online business entrepreneurs to get website traffic to their websites.

The one downfall of traffic exchanges is that a lot of the people that see you advertising are also on the traffic exchange for one purpose.  To advertise just like you.  So you need to be sure your “splash page” stands out, catches their eye and is unique to that particular traffic exchange.  Try to help people and you will get free traffic!

You can also get referrals for the traffic exchange and earn free credits when they surf, giving you more free hits and this will allow you to get your advertisement to be seen by more potential customers.

4. Using Rebrandable Ebooks is yet another way of getting free internet advertising and driving free traffic to your website.  At no cost to you, this is a very popular way to get free traffic and advertise your business.

Rebrandable ebooks allow you to download someone’s ebook and run the rebranding software they provide with the ebook.  The software will advertise for you by automatically inserting your affiliate links through out the entire ebook so when people click on the link, you will get the commissions from that affiliate product.

These ebooks are offered through out the web.  Just search for “rebrandable ebooks” and you can find them.  Remember, you have to be a member of the affiliate programs that you rebrand it with.  Most of these affiliate programs are free to join and you can possibly make good money.

5. Viral Marketing as an advertising campaign that is becoming more and more popular and is capable of keeping your links being passed around the internet for a long time!

It is similar to rebranding ebooks by using your links embedded in the text, which allows you to get paid when people click on your links.  As stated above, once these books get placed on the web, they continue to circulate around forever, thus they are considered to be “viral marketing”. (more free internet advertising)

6. Another way of using internet advertising to promote your business is Inexpensive Paid Advertising and this is probably my favorite way to place an advertisement and get traffic to your website.

With inexpensive paid advertising, you can advertise your business opportunity to thousands daily, even MILLIONS and get your ad in front of many potential customers.

All of the ideas above will dramatically increase your website traffic and get more people to see your advertisements and thus, promote your business by using free internet advertising.

There are so many ways for you to advertise and get your ad going viral across the web.  Spend some time searching and you will be surprised at what your find!

Good luck!


Free Internet Advertising