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Low Cost Internet Advertising

Looking for a much cooler way to keep your Internet advertising cost low? Does anything sound better than free advertising? Before you answer that question answer this, do you have a myspace page and keep it up to date? What about a facebook youtube or twitter profile; chance are you have one of these profiles.

Now you may be thinking “what does this have to do with keeping my Internet advertising cost low?”,,, and are all web 2.0 (social media) sites that allow you to socialize and share all kinds of information with millions of people across the globe at virtually little to no cost. It’s the perfect place for you to advertise. To we will be discussing some very basic ways how you can use these social media site to keep your Internet advertising cost low.

Looking to see the latest lil wayne video, or maybe even watch some old sports highlights, go to is a web 2.0 site that allows you to view and post videos for free. On you can watch music videos, sports highlights, TV episodes, and just about any non-adult video can be viewed. Because allows you to post videos on their site for free you know have the ability to upload and promote yourself or business to millions across the globe.Try it…

Lets say that you own a web site that sells web domains, you could go ahead and produce an informative video about what you do and why people should visit your site. Once your video is edited and ready for the public go to and upload it; now you have an informative commercial on the Internet that millions of people across the globe can view. Uploading video on is a very effective way to keep your Internet advertising cost low. Guaranteed traffic!

A few more social media sites you can use to keep your Internet advertising cost low are,, and These sites allow you to add friends, post bulletins, join groups, and basically meet individuals on the Internet. Each one of these sites are different and have there own advantages, the one thing they all share is that they are free to use, and great places to meet people and promote yourself or business.

To learn more about how to keep your Internet advertising cost low go to

Low Cost Internet Advertising

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How To Get Free Website Traffic

Free Website Traffic

There are tons of great ways to get traffic to your website. In this Hub I discuss some of the more popular and how they can be best used. Remember, the most effective and fastest way to drive targeted traffic to your website is to buy your advertising. I am not talking about guaranteed hits or pop under traffic that you can purchase buy the thousands. Those are useless most of the time! I am talking about a laser targeted pay per click campaign or purchasing solo ads and ezine advertising.

Many marketers say that ezine advertising isn’t as effective as it used to be. Pay Per Click, PPC, is the King when it comes to targeted traffic and lots of it. If you are new to internet marketing, please take my advice and make sure you are well read on the subject of pay per click before you just jump in. It is advisable to go slow and keep your daily budgets low until you get the hang of it or you can lose a lot of money in a short amount of time. There are many books and trainings on ppc to help keep this from happening.

Here is a way that you can “Ethically Steal Anyone’s Adwords Keywords While You Browse Google In Real-Time! Free methods have been proven to bring in loads of targeted traffic by the buckets as well. But this comes with the price of your trading your valuable time. You need to devote at least a couple hours a day for the following methods to be effective. With that said, here is a brief run down of what I will be covering. ” Traffic Exchanges (some people call them Hit Exchanges) ” Safe Lists – permission based email marketing ” Article Submission/ Press Release- Free Reports ” Viral Techniques and Programs -most of which include some or all of the above methods ” SEO & Web 2.0 – ways to get your website ranked in the search engine results Leads Leap – Unbelievable Traffic Leads Leap is an awesome new program that can get you a lot of traffic to your websites. You can also use it to get some fantastic bonuses just for being a member. The creator of this site is generous enough to give you the tools to build your own business, not his. But get this, even shows you how to do it in a viral blog that can also bring you traffic by the pounds. Nowadays, whenever you purchase a new product, you’re given a new login detail. Whenever you join a new affiliate program, you are given a new affiliate detail. How about your web hosting accounts, autoresponder accounts and other membership sites? Here is the answer to your problems.

This is one of the latest viral programs to hit the Internet Marketing world and it just may be the best. They didn’t call it “leadsleap” for nothing. The program is a link cloaker with built in click and conversion tracking. Everytime your cloaked links are clicked on, you earn credits for free traffic. Here’s the scenario: – You rebrand the software with your ads and give it away to as many people as possible. (They will thank you for it because finally, there’s a software to manage all their IDs!) – They save all their login IDs and refer to it regularly. – Whenever they use the program, they will see your random ads. – The software also comes with several built-in affiliate programs that you can join and make even more money while promoting your other programs.

To learn more, I recommend that you go ahead and get your free account right now. Fast Track Ads…Traffic Exchanges On Steroids Traffic exchanges are the simplest way to get free traffic and can help put you on the fast track to success. You spend time viewing other people’s websites which earns you credits to show your websites to them. A simple concept although most are not an even 1 to 1 trade. This is reserved for “Pro” members who pay a one-time fee. Since we are discussing free traffic methods, we are not going to talk much about that right now. I mentioned earlier that the trade off for not paying is time. All of the traffic exchanges require you to view each page for a designated amount of time. The time varies from 5 – 30 seconds per page. With a 30 second timer, you could view 120 pages an hour which would earn you around 60 views for your website. When you refer someone in a traffic exchange, you get bonus credits added to your account. You also get a small percentage of their earnings added to your account when they surf. With time, you can build and army of people earning credits for you. Once you get this going and have others in your organization duplicating your efforts you can build up a lot of advertising credits. Spending less than an hour a day on average, I know people that have added over 120 opt ins to their list and over 45 people in their primary company in as little as 6 weeks. By the way this was only using traffic exchanges to promote which didn’t cost a dime.

Email Marketing Is Not Dead Permission based email marketing used to be really popular in internet marketing circles. Then along came the “spammers” and with them, anti-spam software. This forces that the recipient “double” opt in to receive email from most marketers. Therefore the people that are receiving your email have stated that they want to hear what you have to say. The solution to the spam situation was the creation of safelists. Safelists are groups of people that agree to except mail from people and in return they get to send mail to the group. Basically the same premise as traffic exchanges but with email. They also have “pro” memberships which allow you to send your mail more often or to more members. Once again, we are going to concentrate on the free memberships for this discussion. I do recommend taking advantage of any lifetime membership offers that you run accross. That is, for safelists that you have found to be responsive. You can test and track and spend a lot of time and effort finding out which safelists work. One of the major components to getting free traffic to your website is to test along the way so that you will not be wasting your time advertising in places that are not effective. There are services available to do most of that for you, but most of If you ever consider an e-book on how to generate “laser targeted” traffic to your website then my recommendation would be this one, creating success.

Articles About Traffic Generation ” Simple Ways To Generate Traffic With Web 2.0 Web 2.0 traffic methods are similar to traditional methods of generating traffic, but conveyed in a different type of online environment. With web 2.0 the traffic there is interactive and the response can be a lot more quicker than traditional methods. One of the more simple ways to generate traffic using web 2.0 is to have a contest of some sort. While running the contest itself does not necessarily bring on a lot of traffic, but if you were to post the results of some winners on there it would generate some buzz. ” Drive Even More Traffic Using Surveys There are scores of providers or so called experts making all type of claims to give you more exposure. One way that has worked tremendously for me has been to run surveys. This simple concept needs to be posted in forums and some of the places that you interact with people that have questions in your chosen niche and then you can narrow it down to a couple of answers that you are able to find and give them the answer. Because once they have answered your survey question, they have just qualified themselves as having an issue that you can now go solve for them creating you a customer. This is probably one of the most under used methods of all. I think the whole idea of writing an article intimidates people. You don’t have to be an expert on a subject. Just pick a topic that relates to your website or product that you are promoting and start writing. If writing intimidates you, there are several places that you can find ghostwriters. Many people that have written tons of articles never use press releases. A press release is just an article that is made to sound like a news story but will get your story 100 times the exposure that an article will. You can submit press releases for free but if you are willing to spend as little as $2, you will get more exposure than if you submitted a thousand articles. The one thing that many people forget about when writing a press release is that it cannot sound like a blatant advertising, but it needs to convey some type of story for the press to deem it informative. SEO and Web 2.0 I have placed these two together because they are all about getting “organic” traffic to your web site. I am talking about traffic that is a result of someone searching for a “term” or “tag” or a specific word to find information. These two methods are much too in depth to talk about in this hub, therefore I will briefly touch on them. SEO is all about “tweaking” your web sites so that they are more search engine friendly and building back links from web sites with similar themes to help build the validity and authority of your web site. This will increase your page rank and your place in the search engine listings, which will bring you more visitors. Web 2.0 refers to blogs, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites that use tags to help people find information. There are many strategies to use these types of sites to create powerful one way back links that will facilitate more traffic to your website and help boost your SEO efforts at the same time. This strategy alone has increased my website traffic tremendously and has given me top 10 rankings for very competitive keywords.

Video Marketing is an effective way of getting targeted traffic just like PPC but the big difference is that it is FREE! There is no way that I can list all of the video sharing sites here, but I will give you a few of them such as Youtube, Viddler, Yahoo Tv, Jumpcut and Myspace Tv just to name a few. You can simply do a google search for video sharing sites and the list is countless. This can be a well spring of traffic to your website almost instantaneously.  by RASHAAD WILLIAMS

Free Website Traffic

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Affordable Advertising On Craigslist

Affordable Advertising

The advertising on Craigslist is certainly affordable. In fact there is no fee for the majority of posts made on Craigslist. Craigslist began as a non-profit organization but in 1999 it was converted to a for profit organization. However, operating costs are supported by charging nominal fees for help wanted advertisements placed on the San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City Craigslist websites. Additionally, there is a fee for brokerage apartment listings in New York City.

The vast majority of those posting advertisements on any of the Craigslist over 300 websites are not paying a fee to do so. This definitely makes posting advertisements on Craigslist to be worthwhile from a financial standpoint. While the advertisements are free, care should be taken to post these advertisements carefully because although there is financial loss, poor posting can result in a loss of time and resources if it leads to poor profit potential.

Why Craigslist is Free

Although the founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark, was approached in 1997 about the possibility of running banner advertisements on Craigslist to generate a profit, he made the decision to keep Craigslist as a noncommercial website. Even after Craigslist was converted to a for profit organization commercialization did not infiltrate the website. The points listed in the Craigslist mission statement demonstrate why Craigslist has remained noncommercial:

* Giving each other a break, getting the word out about everyday, real-world stuff
* Restoring the human voice to the Internet, in a humane, non-commercial environment
* Keeping things simple, common-sense, down-to-earth, honest, very real
* Providing an alternative to impersonal, big-media sites
* Being inclusive, giving a voice to the disenfranchised, democratizing…
* Being a collection of communities with similar spirit, not a single monolithic entity

Advertising on Craigslist vs. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another type of marketing which many business owners find to be both worthwhile and affordable. For many the appeal of affiliate marketing is the affiliates are not compensated for their efforts unless the business owner sees some type of gain from the advertising. This gain may be in the form of website traffic in the case of pay per click marketing, in the form of sales in pay per sale marketing or in the form of potential leads when a website visitor performs a specific action such as registering with a website or signing up for an offer.

While affiliate marketing is very appealing there are others who prefer advertising on Craigslist. The advantages Craigslist offers to advertisers is, of course, that the advertisers never pay for their business advertisements and the community receives a great deal of website traffic already so driving traffic to the website is not a concern.

Why Free Is Not Always Better

However, there are some specific instances where free advertising is not the best type of advertising available. Consider a product or service for which Craigslist does not have an appropriate category. In this case advertising on Craigslist may not be worthwhile because although the advertisement is free, it is also not likely to receive a great deal of attention from members of the target audience. In this case, advertising on Craigslist may be a waste of resources.

Another example of an instance when Craigslist may not be a great advertising option is when the market is already saturated with competitors’ advertisements. In this case it can be difficult to sway customer loyalty so it might be more worthwhile to pay for advertising in a less crowded market.

Affordable Advertising on Craigslist

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Advertise With Free Internet Advertising – Free Advertising


Free Internet Advertising

When you advertise your website, do you take advantage of FREE Internet Advertising?

Okay, we all know in today’s online world of advertisements, right?  Here are several ways you can use internet advertising to advertise your business and a lot of them are free!

Examples Of Free Internet Advertising

1.  Social Media is probably one of the most popular ways to advertise and get free targeted traffic to your website.  There are new sites coming online every day that are dedicated to social media.  Of course some of the most known are Facebook, Twitter and Digg.

Using social media is free.  You can send a link to all of your followers or friends anytime you want.  It’s a good rule of thumb not to consistently send your links or “spam” them.  Too many sales posts will make you come across as a spammer.  You should mix in some interesting comments and any good content that your might find beneficial to your readers.

2. Using Adboards is one way you can advertise and get free internet advertising that drives targeted traffic to your business or website.  It is a fantastic way to get free internet advertising.  With Adboards, you can put your advertisement in front of many prospective people and you can even own your own Adboards which will allow you to control where you place your specific advertisements.

3. Using Traffic Exchanges is another way to get free internet advertising and targeted website traffic.  With Traffic Exchanges you can get free internet advertising and get your business in front of a lot of potential customers.  This is probably one of the most popular ways for most online business entrepreneurs to get website traffic to their websites.

The one downfall of traffic exchanges is that a lot of the people that see you advertising are also on the traffic exchange for one purpose.  To advertise just like you.  So you need to be sure your “splash page” stands out, catches their eye and is unique to that particular traffic exchange.  Try to help people and you will get free traffic!

You can also get referrals for the traffic exchange and earn free credits when they surf, giving you more free hits and this will allow you to get your advertisement to be seen by more potential customers.

4. Using Rebrandable Ebooks is yet another way of getting free internet advertising and driving free traffic to your website.  At no cost to you, this is a very popular way to get free traffic and advertise your business.

Rebrandable ebooks allow you to download someone’s ebook and run the rebranding software they provide with the ebook.  The software will advertise for you by automatically inserting your affiliate links through out the entire ebook so when people click on the link, you will get the commissions from that affiliate product.

These ebooks are offered through out the web.  Just search for “rebrandable ebooks” and you can find them.  Remember, you have to be a member of the affiliate programs that you rebrand it with.  Most of these affiliate programs are free to join and you can possibly make good money.

5. Viral Marketing as an advertising campaign that is becoming more and more popular and is capable of keeping your links being passed around the internet for a long time!

It is similar to rebranding ebooks by using your links embedded in the text, which allows you to get paid when people click on your links.  As stated above, once these books get placed on the web, they continue to circulate around forever, thus they are considered to be “viral marketing”. (more free internet advertising)

6. Another way of using internet advertising to promote your business is Inexpensive Paid Advertising and this is probably my favorite way to place an advertisement and get traffic to your website.

With inexpensive paid advertising, you can advertise your business opportunity to thousands daily, even MILLIONS and get your ad in front of many potential customers.

All of the ideas above will dramatically increase your website traffic and get more people to see your advertisements and thus, promote your business by using free internet advertising.

There are so many ways for you to advertise and get your ad going viral across the web.  Spend some time searching and you will be surprised at what your find!

Good luck!


Free Internet Advertising

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